Restaurants we love-“Cocina Esperanza”

We are blessed to have some of Seattle’s finest restaurants in Ballard, and just minutes away from Treat House.  When you arrive, please be sure to check out:

“Cocina Esperanza”

Whatever you do, don’t miss having breakfast here which is only served on Saturday and Sunday!  Without a doubt, this is the best Mexican restaurant in Seattle and only a 5 minute walk from Treat House.  I don’t think I can say it better than the following review I found on “Yelp”:

My sweetie and I have lived in Loyal Heights for five years.  We’ve had Cocina Esperanza on our radar for at least three of them, as we live about fifteen minutes away on foot.  But you know how it goes, you get into routines, things get busy…

So, tonight was our date night.  We decided tonight was the night after so many people told us how good this place is.

We get there at about 7:15 on a Thursday night, seated promptly by friendly server lady.  Along come the chips and salsa and a pitcher of sangria.

Dear Sweet Jesus, but this place is GOOD.  We ordered the camarones app, chicken enchiladas with salsa verde and beef tostada entrees, and the flan for dessert.  By the end of the meal, we had each cleaned all of our plates SPOTLESSLY.  Some of the best Mexican food I have ever had.  Period.  Details:

Both of our entrees came with these perfectly seasoned potatoes instead of the usually half warm brownish rice you get in a lot of other places.  The salsa and guacamole were both perfect, the salsa having a salty/vinegary/garlicky thing going on.  The guacamole is currently in a to-the-death cagematch with the guacamole from Senor Moose (in my mind) for the championship.  Pinto beans were like my Mom’s.  Neither entree was aswim in grease or overly cheesy.  The camarones app was aswim in this fantastic garlic/chipotle sauce and served round a bed of slaw and pico de gallo (sp?).  The flan was served beautifully with this sweet/buttery/lightly salty caramel sauce that was just there enough to accentuate the orange zest in the flan, and the sangria was very good, and pleasantly kicked our asses so that the walk home was even more fun than the walk over.

Will I be back?  Hell, yes.  Will I tell everyone around me for the next few weeks just how good this place is.  Sure!  People, you gotta try this place…it’s freakin’ AWESOME.

To the owners of Cocina Esperanza:  Two things that need your attention.  Firstly, with the quality of the operation you have and the food you make, there’s NO excuse for using store bought chips.  Just as easy to make them to order, or at the very least once or twice a day.  Secondly, yeah the pitchers used for the sangria are kind of difficult to pour from without fruit and ice spilling every which way.  If you can fix those two little things, and work on some kind of outdoor seating, you’ll be rocking Loyal Heights this summer!  Thanks again for everything!


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